Say no to pollution, Say no to traffic, Say no to conventional practices!!

Next gen Cycles with the smartest features ever!

We are coming to serve you with pollution free electric ride for rental at affordable prices. We are not just ordinary bikes. We are the smart bikes with the smartest features.

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The ultimate e-bike which is worth replacing your car with the super powerful Bosch Performance Speed motor and extra long-range battery which lets you go fast and far for long-distance commutes and speedy weekend rides.

Perfect for visitors and tourists

The5AMClub basic pack:

1 hour per day per month: $250.

Best deal for the locals

The5AMClub premium pack:

2 hours per day per month: $350.

Good news is if the person is not using their hours’ time in a day, don’t worry! The hours will get accumulated for the next day and it goes on till the end of the month and gets expired!

Our smart features are

Smart band:

For heart rate and irregular rhythm notifications, ECG, Fall detection

Smart gloves:

For Oxygen saturation, Pulse rate, Perfusion Index, Pleth Variability Index, Respiratory rate from Pleth.

Smart Bike:

For Distance, duration, cadence (RPM), average speed, top speed, elevation.

Perfect for an enthusiastic ride

The5amclub Accessories & Stores

We have a dedicated store for cycling and related accessories. You can buy from bottles to smart gloves. We have everything that you need for cycling.

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Why The5AMClub is a class apart

AI Sushila

The user’s data through EMR which is given to AI Sushila which uses ML to derive the health analysis.


To detect any object within 4 meters radius and gives a buzz to the riders for the safety of riders.


Making a step towards a pollution free green world by providing our bikes which are environment friendly.


Quadrant ring gone are the usual circular ring for the ride. Quadrant ring introduce is for less painful ride.


For the tired feet, where the rider can shift to self- powered automatic where the energy stored by pedalling can be converted to energy.


we motivate our riders to participate in campaigns and other events which helps in socializing.

Mobile App features

Easy and smooth flow of the ride:

Download our app through play store and app store. Sign in by filling the basic details of your health conditions.

Scan to ride:

Add pick up and drop destinations and walk to the nearest hub. Scan the bike to ride.


Rider analysis:

With the collaboration with AI driven medical applications, we store the data of the rider and analyse.


For the better rider analysis, usage of our smart wearables is advised! One can get smart gloves and band from store of The5amclub.


The 5AM Club

How it works

gym & Physio

sos & medic

One companion. Many fields of application.

Designed with fitness in mind and for convenient trips, The5AMClub is a fun and affordable way to get around places.


People now are becoming conscious about their health and fitness. So came with which helps in fitness and reduces the stress levels by cycling.



For daily commuters who wants to escape the heavy traffic and reach the offices or destinations on time.


The Employees are motivated to roam around the campus and to commute, we encourage our employees to have a healthy life by cycling.


& Hike

We ask our riders to participate in cycling and hiking in groups. We believe in community building helps the riders to make friends by having some exercise and fun too!


As we can see, people these days are more conscious about environment. So, we have come up with electric vehicle. When the person is tired by pedalling, we have “Self- powered automatic” option wherein we convert kinetic energy by pedalling into electric and also we have charging points at our hubs.


Interested in being part of the healthcare & go green revolution? Let us discuss.

Smart rider summary: Health Analytics

To generate the smart rider summary, we have partnered with “AI Sushila” and “One4Patient” One4patient has EMR which records the data of the ride then AI Sushila with the help of AI and ML, builds logic based on the health conditions that the person entered at the time of sign up and also with the help of past rides with us and gives the suggestions on the health and fitness aspects of the user.

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